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My grandfather, Henry Minor, initiated the watchmaking fascination that would shape the lives of future generations in the Minor family. He worked on watches at night and on rainy days, stirring the interest of his sons. Each son had his own box of watches like boys today have Matchbox cars. Grandpa opened his first watch repair shop in Alabama during the 1930's.
Henry B. Minor Cleo - Bobby - Odes - Clyde
My father, Jesse "Cleo" Minor, Sr., is one of the four sons who inherited the interest of watch making. He moved to Nashville in 1947 and worked on the public square repairing watches for twenty-one years. He passed on to me the art and skill of watchmaking.
I, Jesse Minor, Jr., began repairing watches when I was ten years old. While other boys where cutting grass to make money, I was repairing clocks and watches. After high school, I went to Kansas City School of Watchmaking.

In 1986 I opened Minor Jewelry in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then I have worked diligently to improve the means by which I may assist customers. In 1996, I started Minorjewelry.com in an effort to extend my services outside of the Nashville area. With generations of experience, Minor Jewelry strives to courteously provide skilled assistance to customers. Our goal is to adequately aid you in a friendly environment.



Left: Three generations of watchmakers.

Right: Young watchmaker in training.

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