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Rolex Repair Tune - Up Service : Our current turnaround time is six weeks.

  • Disassemble the movement, screw by screw (there are over 125 parts)
  • Ultrasonically clean, and inspect for any signs of excessive wear
  • Lubricate all friction points with five different lubricants and reassemble the movement
  • Adjust timing to make the watch as accurate as possible
  • Replace all case gaskets 
  • Waterproof sealing and testing of water integrity to 3 atmospheres of the case (where applicable)
  • Clean and refinish case and bracelet 
  • Watch is then put on an automatic winder for a minimum of five days and adjustments are made if necessary
  • Full one year warranty on parts and labor
  • Genuine Parts are used in the repair of the watch movement when available

$495.00 + return shipping ($70.00 UPS 2nd day insured for $3000, for more insurance add $10.00 per each additional $1000 insurance).

To Submit your Rolex for Servicing:
Fill out our Rolex Repair Form, print it and submit it. Add a Rolex Service to your Shopping Cart, continue shopping, and Checkout.

You need to pack your watch well and ship it insured. (We recommend UPS because it can be tracked. *Note when shipping UPS or Fed Ex, an envelope is only insured for up to $500.) Our current turnaround time is about 6 - 9 weeks.

Do not forget to include your name, address, email, and contact phone number ( A brief description of the problem is helpful) on the printed Watch Repair Form  and put it in your box that you are shipping.

Ship to: Minor Repair 2611 12th Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee 37204

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Rolex Service

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